Breaking Free From Shopping New

If you are used to being able to go out and get something anytime you want regardless of the price, you may be a slave to shopping new. If I need a vase for my party Friday night and I head right down to the local department store searching for a size and color that will fit the arrangement, I am not saving myself any money. Your creative juices are flowing because you are creating a thing of beauty, but you expand your creativity to include doing it for less. Break free by strolling into the thrift store, resale shop, or garage sale. You may be surprised to find items not found in any store currently that could be fashioned inexpensively into a one of a kind dollar special. It can become an actual treasure hunt for potential.

We are not avid garage salers out at the crack of dawn waking up potential patrons so that we can get a look-see at what might be of value, but it is fun to be out on a Saturday morning stopping by potential gold mines. Garage sale shopping, like anything else, is in need of moderation. To simply accumulate things for the sake of “someday” is a money drain, but if you are looking for filling needs for pennies, you are on the right track.

One morning, we zipped around at one sale that had three different patrons displaying their goods. I didn’t have any one thing in mind as I browsed. I came across a vase that stuck in my mind for several minutes. It was the perfect shape for an arrangement I had purchased for an upcoming anniversary party. I did not want it galvanized as it was, but I looked beyond the color and examined the texture and shape. It was perfectly suited for my arrangement.

I took it home and rinsed the galvanized metal with vinegar so that it could be spray painted. A can of basic spray paint is no more than a dollar. After a few coats, it looked as if I had spent $15 when in reality it cost a mere $2, paint included. This is one of hundreds of stories that exist when we focus on an item’s potential use. Re-purposing makes us landfill responsible while putting money into our pockets.

Break the one-tracked mindset of looking at items for their surface value and start to looking at their potential. Extend this to clearance isles and other places you travel. You will be keeping more of that hard earned cash then you ever thought possible and break free of pouring money into the local department store.