Garage Sale Shopping Business

You can make good part time or full time money from scouting out garage sale finds to get items for various purposes. First you might find a valuable treasure that only you could admire, and that is a find in itself. To find something you did not even plan on looking for, those are usually the best finds. It’s good to have several places where you can get rid of some of the stuff that you have now found.

Books are great for the Internet, sites like and sell really nicely, videos and DVDs sell very well there also. There are many thrift store type furniture stores that buy old desks and dressers to fix them up and resell them. There are always those nice finds when you get something for a few dollars you know will sell on eBay for ten times what you paid for it, sometimes. Keep an eye out for CD’s and rare albums, you can get a lot of money sometimes for the right collectors album, from record stores that like to buy stuff.

By far, the person that usually gets the best deal at a garage sale is the person who ends up buying the whole garage sale! These people can make a lot of money by taking everything there is, usually for a pretty cheap negotiated price, and the cheaper the better! The best way to liquidate everything fast is to take it to your local swap meet or flea market, and start selling early in the morning for the best prices you can get on your items. Then, towards the end of the day, have a $2 sell. You sell everything for $2. You can yell out as people walk by, over and over again, since there are usually new customers always walking by. People begin to buy more stuff because they the cheap prices. Then later, you yell out, everything for $1 each, then the more people will be buying and getting the items, after you sell a lot more items, you can have a.25 cent sale, this will get most of your items gone quickly, and you will have a lot of customers.

You need to talk loudly or yell just like a hawker on the sidewalk trying to sell their wares. After the rush is over, and you want to end the day, you have a free sale. Everything is for free, that will eliminate the entire load and what you paid for the original garage sale should of netted you a profit and you won’t have to take anything back with you and you will be done with that load.